If we play our song in a forest and no one is around to hear it, do we make a sound?

We made this website to answer the above question ...will we make a sound? We don't know, but we'll play as loud as possible; and if we ever find a fallen tree in the forest, we'll sure make a guitar out of it.

We don't have much to say about us, we usually prefer to let music speak for ourselves. So who are we? Maybe it's easier to say who we aren't; I guess we aren't artists: too many people call themselves artists just because they want everybody to love their stuff as much as they do; and we don't want to be mistaken for them.

Also, as a band, we don't play a specific genre, we just play music; the whole thing about music genres is ridiculous. Music should open your mind, not just make you dumber by listening to the same musical clichés over and over again.

We make our music primarily for ourselves, and by ourselves: composing, arranging, playing, mixing... We keep our mixing very minimal (and, for sure, with lots of mistakes), to make our music sound natural, just like it would sound when playing live.

The Sleeping Fish Orchestra